Saturday, 26 July 2014

Munich Part 2 - Schloss Nymphenburg

I like visiting castles and such, even though I haven't seen that many yet....

So of course, when I was in Munich, I had to visit Nymphenburg Palace. Since it was a Sunday, the place was swarming with people, but anyway, I enjoyed my visit.

Brace yourselves for a million and one photos!

En route to the Palace I failed to punch my ticked while riding the tram, and guess what, the control came. The guy was like, "why didn't you punch your ticket?" Lol... Epic fail... Luckily I didn't get in trouble as when he saw my ID, realised I wasn't from there. He then punched it for me, gave me a stern look of disapproval, and walked off.... In hindsight, it should have been obvious that I needed to punch the ticket... Lol.... ^^;;


I found the courage to ask some randoms to take a picture of me. ^__^ Wasn't so bad!
I was so impressed with the fresco!
The Palace grounds were unbelievably large! I didn't get to see everything, as it would have taken too much time. Maybe next time. ^^

What did you think? Have you been there before?
The next castle I'd like to visit is Neuschwanstein! I'll probably go in autumn/winter, when there'll be less tourists. ^^

Have a royal weekend!!! ^__^__^__^__^__^ 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eurobeat Challenge Time: Sun in the Rain

It’s Eurobeat Challenge time! (Eurobeat is a style of music, mostly produced in Italy and sold in Japan. Made famous with Parapara and Initial D.)

I’ve decided that every Wednesday I shall formulate a post around one of my favourite Eurobeat songs. Some of the song titles are quite funny, so let’s see how I can incorporate them into my daily life. ^__^

Just like a mentor I drive to your spirit
I go I know I fall in the right time
Why can't you see that your life is a lyric
Of love to go keep it all right now

Ever and ever your route is a good friend
Always and always the fate is in your hands
I can tell you baby don't you believe it's my heart
Talking true

Sun in the rain music is the pain
Wind blowin' on your face
Be yourself dancing again to your happy days
Stars on the way and another day shine on somebody
Be the one they'll be shining forever


Sun in the rain music in the pain
Wind howling on your face
Be yourself sailing away to your winning days
Stars everyday in a better way smile on to somebody  

Be the one they'll be smiling forever

Take all your courage and sail to your feelings
And go you know today is a good day
Feet in the sand but your mind will be touching
The sky: "tonight I gotta go my way"

(I got the lyrics from Eurobeatprime)


If you ever find yourself thinking or saying, 'I hate my life', stop, and ponder on this. Why are you saying this? It is a very negative thing indeed, but... Maybe, just maybe, you're having an epiphany! Great, you've come to the conclusion that you hate your life. Now what can you do to change that?

I've had moments where, without realising it, and thinking that things were somewhat ok, out of the blue this thought would pop up very strongly in my head. Instead of getting all depressed at this, I say, 'challenge accepted!' and do what I must in order to change my life for the better. If the bigger things can't be changed, then change the little things, the things you have control over. Don't like the cereal you eat? Buy another one. Dislike your room? Rearrange the furniture, and so on.

You control your life, even when it doesn't seem that way. Sure, there are many things out of our control, but overall, our everyday words and actions can be controlled. Smile more, frown less. Feel fat and out of shape? Go running. Don't like your hair? Change it. For the things you can't change, at least try to change the way you think about it, and if that doesn't work, work even harder at creating the life you desire.

You are entitled to the life of your dreams. It is possible. Never give up, never stop fighting for your dreams. In the end, even if you fail, you will know that you had given it your all. Never stop believing, and never stop dreaming!

There's always a silver lining, always sun in the rain! Keep smiling forever!


Monday, 21 July 2014

Munich Part 1 - Exploring the City

Firstly, let me apologise for some of the wonky centred pictures... I really need to get myself a real camera, instead of using the one from my iPhone... It was so glary, I couldn't see the screen, so I just had to aim and click and hope for the best lol... Anyway...

Munich Part 1!!! Woo!!!

This post will consist of photos from day one and two and will feature the city centre. Day two will be about Nymphenburg Palace. I didn't take that many pics on the first day, since it was Saturday, and since I'm relatively short I only got shots of people's heads with whatever it was I wanted to shoot slightly visible in the background lol... So yeah, on Sunday I had much more luck since all the shops were closed and the city centre wasn't as busy.  ^__^

I travelled to Munich and back with Meinfernbus. It was the first time I tried this company, and I hadn't travelled by coach since my trip to Osaka. I must say, for the price (15 Euro one way, so 30 Euro in total) I was amazed. It was a comfortable journey, and most importantly there was free wi-fi and a toilet!
En route from the bus station to the hotel. I though I'd walk, since it was only a 20 minute journey. But... In the rain? Without an umbrella? Meh, it was cool, since I got to see some of the side streets.
Ah, I hadn't really planned on what I wanted to do there. I like seeing stuff, but I don't necessarily have to play tourist and visit all of the tourist hotspots so... On a friend's recommendation, I took the sightseeing bus, which was a good idea, since it gave me a good overview of the city and the location of places. Yes, 20 Euro is a bit steep, but you can hop on and off any of those buses for the entire day, and hear some interesting commentary. Headsets are included for those who don't understand German in a few languages.
I took a few pictures from the sightseeing bus, including this one. The others... Well, they didn't turn out that spectacularly so... Here's this one. You can see the River Isar. The weather at this point was still a bit grey and rainy.
I don't remember where this was... Near the station maybe? Or not?
Neuhauser Strasse - Popular shopping area. It was crazy busy on Saturday. Well, not so busy really, but compared to Zurich everywhere else is busy!
Karlstor again, from behind.
Karlsplatz tram station. The trams in Munich are so much smaller than the ones in Zurich! I like riding trams. ^^

Oh, I was about to end the post here, then I realised that I had many more photos to show you..... Hahaha!

Marien Platz
Maximillian Strasse - The street on which all of the name brand stores are located.

One of the many sightseeing buses that tour through Munich. They come every then minutes.
This is still Maximillian Strasse, I think...
Max Joseph Platz
Bye bye Munich. Part of the station was visible from the bus stop.

What did you think of Munich? Have you been there before?

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