Friday, 30 January 2015


Unravelling is sometimes essential to growth - to change… Without unravelling ourselves we can never truly know ourselves. Unravelling can be a painful process, as when the layers slowly fall off, with it come all of those things that have built a cocoon around us. You may feel safe as a caterpillar inside of that cocoon, but how can your true self come out, the beautiful, majestic butterfly with all of those beautiful colours on it’s wings, if you don’t unravel?

It’s a scary place, standing bare before the world, as your true self. But your soul is beautiful… Don’t be afraid to let others see you, your soul. Let it shine. In fact, you don’t have a soul, you are a soul. Remember that… Don’t hide underneath things, your hair, your make-up. Just be you.


Haha... Here's me having deep thoughts again lately. It's no surprise though, since I've been doing a lot of thinking - a lot of soul searching. ^__^

I suppose you can say things have been unravelling for me, or better yet, I am unravelling and shedding those unnecessary outer layers that have nothing to do with who I really am. 

Well anyway...

I wish you an excellent weekend, my lovely intergalactic friends!!!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Star Wars USB Flash Drive

One can never have too much Star Wars stuff, wouldn't you agree??? The last couple of days I was lucky enough to receive some delayed birthday presents (they came all the way from Australia... The post is slow... Very slow...). Most of the stuff had something to do with Star Wars. I got many awesome things, but for now behold some of the items below:

Those are the Star Wars USB sticks I received. ^^

You possibly can('t) imagine how excited I was to receive such goodies. I was like, in Star Wars heaven. ^^ I will show you the other stuff in more detail in another post. After all, I wouldn't want to overload your senses with too much galactic awesomeness!!! XD

These will definitely replace that crusty, and need I say, boring USB stick I've been carrying around. Except, I do not need all four at once, or do I? Which one should I unpack first?

Oh, and you know that small giveaway I featured here? Well um... Shall I finally announce the winners? Haha, yes, yes I think I shall!

*Drum Roll*

Victoria Hope


In case you were wondering, I used to get the winners. ^__^

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!! I know it's with me hehe.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Levelling Up...

You know that moment, when you're in a video game and facing a tough boss, but somehow you just do your thing and win? And then you're like, woah, I had no idea I had reached that level. I guess all of that levelling up was useful. Either that or you just had a continuous stroke of luck or somehow you've become immune to all of that stuff that just keeps happening... Yeah... I kind of feel like that right now! ^__^

The funny thing about levelling up is that sometimes the only way you notice is when you are in a boss level. The boss level, no matter what, is always challenging. It’s usually a fun challenge though, but sometimes you feel like throwing the controller at your TV and be done with it. In real life, throwing a controller at your boss level, whether it be a difficult situation, person or what ever, probably won’t get you far… You just have to soldier on and get though it.

My level of difficulty now is kind of like at the end of a game. It’s just one boss after another before the final boss. I’m just like, woah, stop now! Please… But, I am also strangely used to it all now. I can just deal with it now. Yeah, sometimes it’s annoying and all, but it reminds me of kickboxing. You learn a new kick or something, and in the beginning your muscles aren’t used to it. Feels weird, you get frustrated cause you just want to be able to do it already, and you have to overcome the muscle pain. In the beginning it’s very strenuous and takes a lot of concentration. Eventually, after practice and perseverance, you learn the new move. You know you really know it when you have forgotten about your struggle and can’t even remember that you had difficulties with it in the first place.

Saw this weird thing in a window at a hairdressers in Basel (Switzerland). I felt it suited this post somehow.... ^^

Well… Facing a tough situation in life is also like that. No circumstance is the same, but you still get the skills needed to face your adversary. These skills aren’t necessarily a better sword for Link, or learning some new move. It comes from deep within. You gain confidence and strength. You are able to stand your ground when needed, but at the same time aren’t a complete asshole to whatever it is that’s troubling you because, that would just make you exactly the same as what you are fighting. You gain the ability to completely assess the situation and come up with a good solution. Above all, you are strong enough not to completely crumble into tiny bits during cumbersome times.

I’m forever levelling up, but so is everybody all the time. However, we can choose at what rate we level up, by not running away and doing the right things in a hard situation. I am levelling up now, and the strange thing is that I can feel it day by day….

It’s a good thing.

Sometimes though it would be nice for things to be less challenging.

But, life would be boring without a few challenges…

Embrace the challenge. Hiding from them won’t make them go away anyway. And at the end, you’ll come out a better and stronger person.

What ever troubles you may be facing, may the force be with you!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Hello Everyone ^_^

I hope that your year started well. I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, since I believe that I constantly have the power to improve myself and set goals, so why wait for the beginning of the year? Seems like an awful waste of time...

So as I was saying, I didn't particularly have any resolutions, and I still don't. BUT, all of a sudden I had a bout of inspiration. Ideas of things that I would like to accomplish this year. This hasn't been brought on because it's a new year, but simply because I already managed to tick off a few things from my list. My list keeps growing since life is ever changing and well, there are always things one can accomplish.


Well what are these inspirations you've been having, you ask? Hmm, I don't want to discuss all of them yet, but let's just say they are interesting and making me go out of my comfort zone.

Actually, they are making me stay out of my comfort zone.

I haven't been in a comfort zone since... I think the beginning of 2013...

It's a good thing, but I often catch myself being unsettled. Which was quite apparent the other day when I had quite the panic attack... I still get them occasionally, but not very often so it had caught me off guard. LOL

Anyway, one of the things on my ever expanding check list for the month of January is not to buy any more games, and to finish the ones I have. Yep... Well that's easy, you might say. But rest assured, it's quite the task for me... Quite the task... =__+

Other things include taking care of things which should have been done ages ago. It's not that I procastinate, but often there are things we thing we'll do "someday" or "later" or "at the right time".

Above all, I shall push all fear aside and keep doing new and exciting things! ^__^

So yes, I am feeling inspired during uninspiring times, if that makes sense. Somehow I think it's good to have an official end to something, such as a year. The beginning of the year feels fresh and with endless opportunities. It may just be a trick on the mind, but a good one it is!

What are your, let's call them New Year's Inspirations?