Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Recently... And Some of my Plans for the Year ^__^

Recently, I had been taking life too seriously. This week however, I found that my usual ridiculous self is emerging.

Everything seems so... Insignificant when you just shrug it off. Meh, screw being all worried and serious about shit. That won't help anyway.

Oh and yah, I'm in the process of moving my blog to Wordpress. That is, I got hosting and using Wordpress there. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I need to make sure the layout is what I want it to be. Therefore I am taking a bit of time to perfect it. I am working with CSS code and what not, so please bear with me as I am a little rusty. ;)

I even have a domain name (which I purchased months ago but haven't gotten around to implementing yet *cough* *cough*).

I'm super excited!!! ^___^^_____________________^

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Starbucks VIP event, for selected gold card holders (I go there a lot, get many points....^^;;). I had no idea what to expect. Mostly, we got to sample lots of coffee, there was food and everyone got to make a coffee of choice. Needless to say, I made my favourite beverage - Grande Soy Caramel Macchiato. It was weird standing behind the counter... But fun!

Check it out:

I now know what all of these cryptic markings mean ^__^

Exciting stuff! Espresso shots!!! ^^
See, I am really making it myself! At first, I had my reservations, being a hygiene freak and all, but everything was so clean, and actually we weren't able to just touch anything. We were assisted every step of the way ensuring cleanliness.
The final product from the outside. It truly tasted just the way I like it.
I was accompanied by a friend, and she also made a coffee. We added the sleeves for the authentic experience. I reckon next time I'm in Starbucks and there's a queue, I'll just get the drink myself. Hehehehehe

Overall it was a lovely experience. The staff were just so friendly and helpful. If you ever have the opportunity to attend such an event, I highly recommend you do.

Apart from that not much else is new... Well... Except that I had moved again over a month ago... le sigh. Oh and, kickboxing of course is keeping me busy! Forever feeling the muscle pain and what not, but it's well worth it. I love it so much! :D

And, lot's of exciting things are coming up. I'll be visiting The Legend of Zelda Symphony of Goddess Concert in Munich in April (got tickets long before they announced that there'll be a show in Zurich, so I'll be going to that in November. Then a brief visit to London. In May there is Fantasy Basel, first time event of this scale for Anime, gaming, comics, and so forth held here in Switzerland.

Also in May, another thing I last minute decided to attend is JapAniManga Night held in Davos. Heck, might as well live life and do things!!! By no means am I rich, I just budget and plan really well for the things that I want and then do them. I am working full time.

Then nothing concrete planned except to train really hard as the next upgrading for kickboxing is in June. Gotta get that next belt! Gotta train harder! Gotta be better. I am competing against myself, to improve and be a better version of me!

Then I'll see what will happen during summer.

August I'll be at Gamescom in Cologne all of the days, woo! Apart from that, no holidays or anything as such planned, but you never know. I'm already super excited.

It's really the little things in life that make all the difference!!!

Got any exciting plans for the year?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

January 2015 Arcade Block

I never quite know what to expect in one of my box subscriptions, but I am always pleasantly surprised! I think the Arcade Block is probably my favourite one.

Without further ado...



I absolutely looooove this shirt! ^^



Loved Tetris as a child, still love it now!


What is your favourite item of the January 2015 Arcade Block?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai - Sora

A few weeks ago I was excited to order a Sora figurine from the Square Enix store.

Needless to say I was super excited when I got it, however.... What's with his face? It does not look like Sora at all, and looks completely different to the face on the box or on the link...

Anyway, judge for yourselves:














Apart from the face, all looks well. It comes with a few interchangeable hands, which is cool and you can pose him as he is quite nimble, having joints.

I don't know... I'm kind of excited but disappointed at the same time... =__=

I feel like I should get another one at some point, but whose to say it wont look strange again? Perhaps if I can buy it in person and inspect it first. Not to mention, figurines are not cheap.

Lol, oh well, it's not the end.

Have you ever bought a figurine that didn't look right? This was the first time it happened to me...

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lucky (Darth Vader) Monday

The dreaded Monday has arrived… But does it have to be? Mondays could be exciting. After all, they are at the beginning of the week and are filled with potential.

For instance, I lost my keys yesterday…. Yep… That was an awkward moment since that has never happened to me! I had no idea where I had left them. I initially thought they must be up the Uetliberg somewhere, since I went for a walk there with my friend.

Stunning view, with visible mountains.
I do love Lake Zurich.

We had gone to Starbucks later to recuperate from the gruelling walk, and it occurred to me that I still had my keys at that point. So this morning I gave them a ring and alas, they had my keys!

This is the first gen Darth Vader Lego key holder. Noticeable by the frayed cape. The new ones are made out of a more sturdy material. I still love this one though, ragged cape and all. ^^ So you can imagine I was very much crushed when I thought I had lost him forever...

Darth Vader guarded the key… The force is truly with me.

And then... I received this as a gift today! ^__^ So super lucky.

Truly epic! It never fails to amaze me how wonderful humans can be. It's such a small thing, which made me super happy. After all it's the little things in life that count. ^__^

So that definitely brightened up my day! I feel truly blessed.

Lucky Monday was in fact a double Darth Vader Monday. ^^ 

Did something lucky happen to you today?