Wednesday, 18 March 2015

January 2015 Arcade Block

I never quite know what to expect in one of my box subscriptions, but I am always pleasantly surprised! I think the Arcade Block is probably my favourite one.

Without further ado...



I absolutely looooove this shirt! ^^



Loved Tetris as a child, still love it now!


What is your favourite item of the January 2015 Arcade Block?

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Kingdom Hearts II Play Arts Kai - Sora

A few weeks ago I was excited to order a Sora figurine from the Square Enix store.

Needless to say I was super excited when I got it, however.... What's with his face? It does not look like Sora at all, and looks completely different to the face on the box or on the link...

Anyway, judge for yourselves:














Apart from the face, all looks well. It comes with a few interchangeable hands, which is cool and you can pose him as he is quite nimble, having joints.

I don't know... I'm kind of excited but disappointed at the same time... =__=

I feel like I should get another one at some point, but whose to say it wont look strange again? Perhaps if I can buy it in person and inspect it first. Not to mention, figurines are not cheap.

Lol, oh well, it's not the end.

Have you ever bought a figurine that didn't look right? This was the first time it happened to me...

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Lucky (Darth Vader) Monday

The dreaded Monday has arrived… But does it have to be? Mondays could be exciting. After all, they are at the beginning of the week and are filled with potential.

For instance, I lost my keys yesterday…. Yep… That was an awkward moment since that has never happened to me! I had no idea where I had left them. I initially thought they must be up the Uetliberg somewhere, since I went for a walk there with my friend.

Stunning view, with visible mountains.
I do love Lake Zurich.

We had gone to Starbucks later to recuperate from the gruelling walk, and it occurred to me that I still had my keys at that point. So this morning I gave them a ring and alas, they had my keys!

This is the first gen Darth Vader Lego key holder. Noticeable by the frayed cape. The new ones are made out of a more sturdy material. I still love this one though, ragged cape and all. ^^ So you can imagine I was very much crushed when I thought I had lost him forever...

Darth Vader guarded the key… The force is truly with me.

And then... I received this as a gift today! ^__^ So super lucky.

Truly epic! It never fails to amaze me how wonderful humans can be. It's such a small thing, which made me super happy. After all it's the little things in life that count. ^__^

So that definitely brightened up my day! I feel truly blessed.

Lucky Monday was in fact a double Darth Vader Monday. ^^ 

Did something lucky happen to you today?

Friday, 6 March 2015

Spring Cleaning

Today the sun was shining, and despite the cold air, it managed to lift my mood.

I guess you could say I’m in high spirits. Which, is astounding really since I was filled with a sort of gloom for the past few days. I suppose it was caused due to my pondering of things, important things mind you, which takes a lot of energy. Not to mention that I had a busy schedule which left me somewhat drained.

So, as well as sorting out my belongings and discarding things that have no relevance to my life, I have also taken it upon myself to spring clean my mind, body and spirit. We often take care of external matters and tend to neglect ourselves, which can have a negative effect on us mentally.

So… Here are some tips to spring clean your mind:

1. How are you feeling? How have you been, really? Be honest with yourself. Have you been too busy and neglecting to do things you enjoy? Think about that, and if you realize that you weren’t quite doing all of the things that are good for you mentally and physically, it’s time to take a step back and see what little changes you can do to improve things.

2. Go for a walk. I truly believe that this solves almost anything! I always feel so refreshed after a brisk walk by the lake, gazing at the ducks. On a clear day, if I’m really lucky, I also get to see the mountains.


3. Is your stuff weighing you down? De-clutter! Get rid of stuff that is just in the way. Unless you really love it or need it, it has no place in your life.

4. Chase your dreams!!! Once you make room externally (your living space) and internally (your mind), there is more space and energy for things that really matter. Pursuing your passions is always something that will give you drive, some sort of a boost. It will motivate you to trod through life’s mundanities.

5. Spring cleaning can be fun with a friend! It’s always nice to talk things out. Hey, and maybe, just maybe, your friend can help you clean up aspects of your life and vice versa!

So, how have you really been lately? I’d like to know.

May the force be with you!!!