Monday, 9 June 2014

Einsiedeln, Switzerland

On Saturday I was invited to attend a wedding reception in Einsiedeln. I was excited to go, because I had only been there a few times and only in winter.

Einsiedeln, which is located in canton Schwyz (in Switzerland, of course ^^) is famous for its monastery, Einsiedeln Abbey. There car ride there was only about half an hour with no traffic, and since the weather was so beautiful I was able to enjoy the scenery.

En route to Eisiedeln.
The famous monestery of Einsiedeln. It's a shame the scaffolding was obscuring its full glory.
It completely looks different in summer without the snow!
Me in front of the monastery.
Einsiedeln - The car ride back to Zurich.
The car ride back to Zurich.

I returned early, since the reception had started at ten in the morning, so I decided to take my usual stroll by the lake, and discovered that it was packed with people basking in the sun. I never understood sunbathing, perhaps it's because I don't need a tan. Also, I get restless easily, therefore I don't think I'd manage to lie there in the sun for more than ten minutes, oh, and as you all know, I despise the heat. It was only thirty degrees (I say only, because in Australia it gets much otter) so I suppose I am somewhat acclimatised to hotter temperatures, but still, anything above twenty-five degrees is pushing it!

I took this picture from afar, as I did not want to appear as a creep. ^^;;

Today is a public holiday here (it's Whitsun or Pentecost), and the weather is still nice, so I might make the most of it again and go for a walk a bit later.

Did you also enjoy beautiful weather over the weekend? If so, what did you do?


  1. the scenery looks beautiful!! As do you :D


  2. Rinako グレー9 June 2014 at 18:47

    Wonderful country! :)

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  3. Mal wieder so eine schöne Landschaft. :)
    Ich fand's dieses Wochenende aber auch ganz schön warm! Hab deswegen die meiste Zeit auch nur drinnen verbracht oder bei meinen Eltern im Garten/auf der Terasse. Da ließ es sich auch noch aushalten. xD

  4. Leider bin ich heute wieder mal spazieren gegangen, und mir war ein bisschen schlecht danach... ^^;; Ich kann die Hitze einfach nicht vertragen... Traurig eigentlich... >__<

  5. Switzerland is beautiful! I don't often sunbathe either, but I will if I need to even out my tone.

  6. Wow, sieht echt beeindruckend aus!


  7. Sadly, I managed to get myself a lovely shorts tan... so now the top half of my thighs are paler than the rest of my legs... lol

  8. The weather was picture perfect! I was so lucky. ^^

  9. And it's only a short drive out of the city! ^^