Friday, 13 June 2014

Flying Pizza!

The other day I had a massive graving for pizza. However, I didn't feel like leaving my home. But in order to have a really good pizza, one usually has to go to a nice place, as most delivery places lack in quality...

I was also interested in having a vegan pizza, without the hassle of having to make it myself. (I know, I know, I'm quite demanding!)

I googled, and discovered that not only had an immense selection of pizza, but also vegan pizza! The cool thing is, that you select your base, and then can choose various additional toppings. There are all kinds of toppings, including vegetables such as broccoli, aubergine, and also vegan specific ones such as vegan salami or smoked tofu. Of course, the cheese is vegan... ^__^

They only have one vegan pizza, Vegana, but as I mentioned, since you can choose your own topings you can essentially create any pizza you like.

I ordered two of course (one is never enough... I have a fast metabolism, ok? I get very hungry, and if I don't eat enough am forced to eat more frequently, and quite frankly, I can't be bothered. Three times a day is enough.)

I did all of the ordering online seamlessly, and the pizza arrived within an hour.

Oh was it tasty! The only con is that it was a little bit cold when it arrived, but no big deal. Apart from that it was great.

I quite liked the box. ^^
My two beauties!!!
This one was with the vegan salami and barbecue sauce. Mmm!
Smoked tofu on this one. ^^

If you're not into the vegan thing, but live in Zurich, maybe you could try flyingpizza too, since they have all kinds of pizza. If you don't feel like pizza, you can also order a bunch of other stuff such as pasta, desserts, beverages, sandwiches and sides.

The price? Hmm, for Swiss standards I guess it was reasonable. One pizza, including the extra toppings, costed around 25 franks. So I paid just a bit over 50 franks for both.

We've been experiencing so many thunderstorms lately, in some regions they were even dangerous. For all of my fellow European dwellers, I hope that you were ok!

Take care everyone, don't melt in the heat!!! >__< 


  1. yummy!!! suddenly jonesing for some pizza right now <3

  2. Me too! I'm so hungry right now, but instead I shall cook... ^__^

  3. Oh looks so delicous~ The pizza box is very interesting xD I love pizza but I eat twice on a year, because it is unhealthy.

  4. Yeah, too much pizza isn't good. I don't eat it that often either. ^^

  5. Boah, die sehen so lecker aus, auch wenn ich mich nicht vegan ernähre. *_*
    Aber die Preise bei euch hauen mich jedes Mal um. xD" Schon ein ziemlicher unterschied zu hier.

  6. blindedbypassion13 June 2014 at 22:04

    In Basel haben wir noch keine vegan pizzas Q__Q mäh!

  7. looks good!


  8. They look so cute and yummy! I also like the pictures on the boxes (^ω^)

  9. Rinako グレー14 June 2014 at 02:05

    Aww, I want to eat pizza now! =D

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  10. It's always a good time to eat pizza! ^__^

  11. Even though I ate a lot, I didn't get that heavy/sickly feeling after, which is always a bonus! ^^

  12. Yep! I will have to order again soon and try some different toppings. ^^

  13. Schade... Wer weiss, vielleicht kommt mal was. ^^

  14. Hier ist wirklich alles teuer... Aber man gewöhnt sich dran, man hat ja so oder so keine andere Wahl! ^^Ich muss mal wieder in Deutschland einkaufen gehen... Und ein bisschen Geld sparen!!!

  15. Anastasia Bakay15 June 2014 at 19:54

    Yummy!!! ))

  16. Did you end up having pizza? ^__^

  17. I get hungry all over again just looking at the pictures! ^^